I Will Come to You, 2014
performance/installation, 4 hours, Club Guggenheim, KAIKU, Helsinki, Finland

"Ah, middle school dances. So awkward, so smelly. Though you might not have always found a willing slow dance partner, when you did, you probably stood as far away from them as possible and avoided eye contact at all costs, rendering the act of slow dancing itself entirely pointless. But at least the music was good!"

During the night, every hour or so, the dance music at KAIKU club was abruptly stopped by a 90's school disco slow jam, such as I Will Come to You/Hanson or Unbreak My Heart/Toni Braxton. During the slow song a smoke machine and a disco-ball were turned on and I asked a member of audience to slow dance with me. After the song the music and the club set returned to normal as if nothing had happened. The club transformed into an awkward school disco and back within minutes.