ICELAND (Nighttime), 2019
installation with HD-video (06:18 min), text, framed drawings, lights.

Text: Nastja Säde Rönkkö
Camera: Iris Kärkkäinen
Music/Sound: Timo Kaukolampi
Voiceover: Nastja Säde Rönkkö
Edit: Heli Kota, Rosaliina Paavilainen, Nastja Säde Rönkkö
Still images: Iris Kärkkäinen
Installation images: for your charred bones and restless soul, Aboa Vetus, Ars Nova. J. Nieminen

Supported by AVEK

ICELAND (nighttime)

Some time ago, Iceland.
Some time ago and ago,
and ago again we went
to Iceland.

Can I tell you about, of
mountains, mountains and valleys and glaciers?

Can I tell you about seawomen,
about lightless lovelands, and lighthouses in them,
furry ponies?

Can I tell you about mice giving birth to mice
and the last charred wood of a fireplace?
Can I tell you about mountaindust and starstuff?


Can I tell you about iceswimming and shipwrecked seamen; of seamen
and seawomen, of seachildren who swam and swam and swam and never froze in icecold blackcold water.

Never froze to death, never froze still and still,
but washed away with ice crystals.

Like starfish floated above dark waters and endless space below.


And think, imagine that never-ending space below you, thousands and thousands and thousands and hundreds of measurements of water, of wet salty stuff, of sticky slimy fish seal whale spirit. Of octopus shark spirit, of weeds and hair and mermaids spirit.

Can I tell you about lighthouse loving, can I tell you about stonestroking, can I tell you about laying still?

Can I? Still and still.

Can I tell you about rock kissing, can I tell you about soft lip missing?

Can I tell you about violence of men and can I tell you about dolphins who rape and can I tell you about women who keep the lights?

Can I?

Can I tell you about… of… some time?
Another other time?

Glacier time,
Ice time,
Fish time,
Seal time?

Handholding time?
Handwriting time?
Dying glacier time
Sea ice sea free melty melty time


Nighttime is darktime,
Nightime is paranoid time,
Anxious time, dreamtime.

Roaring time
Diamond time.

Endless hours time, screaming time, sleepdeprivationtime,
Sweatysheettime, scrollingthroughscreentime.

Pony, unicorn time.

Wetiko time, bad spirit time, cave time. Bad, black teeth time, hopeless time, manipulation time, flying mattress time, crying baby time, crybaby time,
Fistfight time, hairpulling, hairfalling time.

Nighttime is handmaid’s tale time, true blood time, chernobyl time, black mirror time, nighttime is our story time.

Nighttime is too much light time.

Nighttime is out of time time.

And then, sunrise.