The Flying Scene, 2014
performance, duration 3 hours, Diep - Newhaven cross-channel contemporary art festival, UK/France. Performed by Ella Imms and Alex James Southern.

The Flying Scene is a durational performance specifically created for the festival on a ferry crossing between Diep, UK and Newhaven, France. In the performance two actors repeatedly re-enact 'The Flying Scene' from James Cameron’s iconic movie Titanic (1997) nonstop for three hours. The weather, audience and soundscape changes, yet the scene remains the same.

The scene is the thirteenth and the most famous scene in the movie. In the scene Jack makes Rose stand on the railing of the ship as Rose says one of the most famous lines from the film, "I'm flying!". Jack and Rose then share their first kiss on the same night Titanic sinks.

Commissioned by Diep Haven festival with support from Arts Council England, Lewes District Council Newhaven Town Council and DFDS Seaways.

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