The Same Song, 2013
MM Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

In an installation titled 'I Hold This Letter in My Hand' Nick Cave's 'Love Letter' is put through google translator and translated from English into English via all the languages and alpha languages of the translator. A love song is then written by the artist, based on the final translation of the text. The lyrics of the songs, the somewhat universal emotions of a love song, will be submitted to misunderstandings and misrepresentations not only through translation from one language into another, but also through the impossible idea of a machine interpreting human emotions.

'They Are Memories Made' is an installation consisting of six different songs signifying six different personal relationships. The songs are translated (with google translator) from their original language into the mother tongue of the artist, then into the mother tongue of the other person in the relationship, and finally into the common language used between the two.

1. I Hold This Letter in My Hand

Mixed media installation consisting of 67 framed photographs, wooden table, picture frame, photocopy of an i-pod, 'Burma' song lyrics, rose.

2. They Are Memories Made

Installation of 24 black and white prints, masking tape, rose.